Graphics for the cover of the album Anomalia by the band Zimny Maj / 2021.

Graphic design for the album Zbroja by the band Kabuko / 2021

Illustrations for zines/magazines

Ekofemizin / 2020

Visions magazine / 2018

Nowe Peryferie magazine / 2017

Graphic design and elements of scenography / performance Invisible Cities 2.0 / 2019

A poster of Warsaw Manifa / 2017

Graphic design of the audiobook Dzidzia / 2016

A project associating four fighters from Otwarte Serca Zaciśnięte Pięści club. An audiobook that they do by themselves from start to finish. Sylwia Chutnik – text, Natalia Fiedorczuk – music, Magda Karel – voice, Monika Stolarska – graphics.

Art in public places

Mural project Mental Mountains / 2011

Mental mountains as a symbolic definition of human fate. The mountain motif is an image of a single life. My mountains consist of various parts, pieces that are the result of decay or catastrophes but building a new quality and a new existence. Breakup as a contribution to the uprising.

Mural Center / 2010

A project presenting the city as a subjective maze, different for each resident. Turns, exits, and walls. Living in a city where private stories blend with topography and give it an individual set of meanings.

Mural project De_constructions / 2010

Installation design referring to the idea of destroying and creating as elements that make up the creation of a work of art. Destruction as creation and vice versa, as an inseparable struggle in the creative act. The destruction turns out to be the emergence of a new quality. Thoughtful creation that turns out to be devastation.